Buy Diamonds with Crypto

So you are crypto crazy and looking to offload some of your hard earned coins into a more secure and physical asset right? Look no further and just BUY DIAMONDS …!

A quick search online will show you that natural diamonds are great at retaining value, especially if they are larger than 1 carat and you buy them wholesale. The most appealing of investing in diamonds however is that they are extremely easy to transport in times of need and can easily be sold anywhere in the world within minutes.

All our diamonds are natural and certified by either GIA or HRD, with a laser engraved certificate number on each stone for easy identification. So who cares if you know nothing about diamonds! You just need to know how many of your coins you want to put safe and search our diamond database to match you budget. After you find your Diamond just use our Crypto option during checkout where we accept Bitcoin and over 50 of the most popular Altcoins.

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